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Runic Legacy Class Schedule

The Runic Legacy series is an immersive set of classes where we learn, experience and connect with each one of the Elder Futhark Runes.  Every week we will discuss two runes, learning the history, knowledge and their applications, followed by ingesting the runes we discussed (via rune cookies) so that they become apart of us and finally, journeying to discover what mysteries these symbols of power hold for us.  It is my firm belief that the runes are meant to be experienced, not just studied.  As Odin hung himself on Yggdrasil, self impaled on his own spear for seven days; as he sacrificed his own eye for the wisdom of the runes, so too do the runes transform those who learn, study and experience them.    Book the entire series and save.  Call or come into Serenity Tree Healing for more details.

“I took up the runes, took them up, screaming.  Then fell back again.”

-Hávamál: 139

The classes are taught by Stephanie Speir, Vanatru Heathen.  She has been practicing Paganism for over ten years.  Her approach to her path is a practical one and believes in honoring our ancestors by our actions as well as our beliefs.  She also operates her own floral and landscaping business.  During the month of August, she performs with the local Renaissance Faires as a fortune teller. The Runic Legacy classes are $20.00 each and we encourage you to take all the classes in the series to fully learn this ancient art.

Class 1 - Introduction to the Runes, Fehu and Uruz    

Class 2 - Thurisaz and Ansuz.    

Class 3 - Raidho and Kenaz

Class 4 - Gebo and Wunjo

Class 5 - Hagalaz and Naudhiz

Class 6 - Isa and Jera   

Class 7 - Eihwaz and Perthro

Class 8 - Algiz and Sowilo   

Class 9 - Tiwaz and Berkana   

Class 10 - Ehwaz and Mannaz  

Class 11 - Laguz and Ingwaz   

Class 12 - Dagaz and Othala  

To Sign-up

P  (206) 241-3902


Please note: Full payment must be received for class registration to be complete.

Class Policy

Limit 10 people per class. Pre-registration required. Same day registration, please call for availability.

No pictures or recording devices during the event.

No refunds once the class has begun.

Please feel free to contact us with questions at (206) 241-3902 or email: