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All of our consultations are private and confidential and held in a safe, comfortable environment.  You are welcome to take notes or audio record.

Single session bookings available online. For partner or group consultations, please contact our office at 206-241-3902 to discuss scheduling options.

Tarot Consultations

Tarot is an ancient divination technique that allows you to take a deeper look at current situations and gain an insight into motivations.  Through an in-depth consultation the Tarot can assist you in uncovering options and choices to help prepare you for the decisions and actions you need to take to implement change and grow.

Full Consultation:  one topic full ten card layout with in depth examination of matter. 

Single Question Consultation: one topic 4 card layout with answer to the question.

Runic Consultation

Runes are ancient symbols representing the forces of nature and the cosmos. They were used as a writing system, and for magic, divination, and ritual. A rune reading can take you on a journey through ancient myth, to find spiritual guidance and insight into your destined path. Let the magic of the runes empower you to walk this path with confidence and weave your own fate!

3 Rune Cast - Three runes will be drawn to provide insight on a single topic or question.

Full Rune Cast - A full rune casting will be done to provide a deeply nuanced answers to a complex question, or to provide fuller insight into a situation.

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