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About Us

The founders of Serenity Tree Healing Inc. are Angela Pennington, Vedic Astrologer and Stephanie Davisson, Reiki Master/Teacher.  Each bring their own skills, talents and desire to assist others in finding and honoring their true selves. 

There are three branches on the Serenity Tree; retail, services and community support.


A top quality selection of earth based supplies, including: Coventry Creation Candles, Sun's Eye Oils and Mists, herbs, resins, smudge supply and Satya Sai Baba Incense. In addition, we offer incense burners, Wicca/pagan products, eastern supplies for feng shui, chakra balancing, and products for students of vedic astrology.


Reiki Energy Healing for clearing energy blockage, relaxation, pain relief, past life integration. 

Vedic Astrology for timing events, understanding one's nature and duty in this life.

Both Angela and Stephanie offer Tarot services and aura photography. In addition, we have independent contractors offering massage and reflexology and meditation.

Community Support:

To support knowledge and connection we offer ongoing courses and classes. We host meet ups and have rental space available for local events.

Independent Contractors Practitioners

Massage & Reflexology

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Primus Activation

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